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Honeymoon like a royal

Clive Wedderburn May 14, 2018

Majestic getaways to celebrate your marriage in style.

Royal weddings are the hot topic for 2018, with the forthcoming marriage of Prince Harry to Meghan Markle this weekend and Princess Eugenie set to tie the knot to Jack Brooksbank in October. Be inspired and give your honeymoon a touch of royalty.

Namibia – Highlights tour

It comes as no surprise that Harry and Meghan are rumoured to be planning to honeymoon in Namibia. Africa holds a special place in their hearts; having already spent time together in Botswana. Namibia is an awe-inspiring, diverse and wildlife-rich country of mountainous sand dunes, gravity-defying rock formations, and windswept beaches dotted only by the rusting hulks of shipwrecks.

A Namibia safari honeymoon will transport you both to the edge of beyond and into one of the untamed places of the planet. This is nature’s fortress, an unforgiving yet rewarding country where both animals and humans have to adapt to survive. When we travel to places such as this, to discover the contrasting colours and the abundance of amazing wildlife, we realise what a privilege it is to explore the world we live in. This wilderness adventure will transport you into vast ecosystems such as the giant salt pan of Etosha National Park, or the bird-filled lagoons of Namib Naukluft National Park, the largest game park in Africa.

Namibia is a nature-lover’s dream come true, but for honeymooners, like Harry and Meghan, it is also an emotive journey that all newlyweds can treasure. Together, you’ll achieve some of life’s greatest travel ambitions: to stand on the monumental dunes at Sossusvlei, to climb the remote mountain islands of Damaraland or to watch in awe as desert-adapted elephants and lions bestride the epic landscape.  Such an extraordinary adventure is guaranteed to bring you close together.

Seychelles Six Senses Zil Pasyon

There are so many romantic places in the world for love-birds to escape to, but the Seychelles would always be near the top of any discerning list of sun-kissed paradise destinations. It appears, since they too honeymooned in these beautiful Indian Ocean islands, that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge would agree with our choice.   

Featuring some of the most perfect crescent beaches in the world, tickled by gentle trade winds, framed by those photogenic boulders, offering discreet candlelit dinners perched on rocky outcrops with nothing between you and infinite views but a lungful of sea breeze and heart full of emotions.  

And when the sun rises what better activities for newly-weds to indulge in than snorkelling off white sand beaches, catamaran cruises to hidden bays, lazy days cycling through rainforest interiors and chancing upon sleepy Seychellois villages. Featuring luxury resorts, exceptional service and a friendly welcome, these islands offer pampering on a heavenly scale.

Searching for the perfect Seychelles Island? There are too many from which to choose. However, the private island of Félicitié and the stunning resort of Six Senses Zil Pasyon has lately caught our eye. It’s a paradise offering beach villas with private pools, couples treatments at Six Senses Spa and dining options that will leave you cooing with pleasure. Recline with a cocktail or two, and that view from your overwater netted hammocks will stay with you now and forever.

St LuciaMoorings private sail and stay at the Ladera

Mention honeymoons, royal or otherwise, and St Lucia will soon magically materialise. This island is the epitome of a Caribbean love nest, a carefree, barefoot adventure with views to captivate the heart. For many couples St Lucia simply is love at first sight. So how can we possibly improve on this vision of honeymoon perfection?  By teaming St Lucia with sailing into the sunset together!


Begin your dream trip of a lifetime together by stepping aboard your sleek and stylish catamaran. Meet your exclusive crew, who will be preparing your snacks and delicious cocktails, before setting sail. Head to hidden coves, moor at cosy quaysides and explore the open waters with your very own skipper at the helm. Decide whether you want to laze on the sun deck, paddleboard on the calm waters or snorkel among the brightly coloured marine life.   

Then, just when you thought your honeymoon couldn’t get any more Hollywood, we transfer you to the breath-taking resort of Ladera, for the second half of your holiday to one of the most gorgeously situated hotels in the world, featuring those epic views of the Pitons. Imagine gazing at this tropical paradise from your private plunge pool. The sight will melt your heart, if it wasn’t already completely overcome by the emotion of spending your new life together.

Cambodia – Raffles Grand D'Angkor and Song Saa Private Island Resort

Honeymoons are made even more memorable by an experience that acts as an epiphany, a life-changing moment among the world’s most ancient wonders. Cambodia effortlessly combines experiential travel with tropical resorts offering rejuvenation and relaxation. As the name suggests, the impressive Raffles Grand D'Angkor offers all the hospitality you require when visiting the awe-inspiring temple complex of Angkor Wat.

Spend time in Siem Reap exploring this UNESCO World Heritage Site, all its shaded pathways, where stone carvings and statues peep out from the jungle, and spires appear and disappear in the mists of the rainforest. Soon you will appreciate how wandering through such a spiritually fascinating temple complex with your loved one can offer so many pathways to a life spent well.

Then retreat to Song Saa Private Island Resort, with its overwater villas to complement your trip to Angkor Wat. Founded on ethical practices, Song Saa Private Island promotes spiritual wellbeing with a culture of lifelong learning. Here, sustainability and luxury are entwined, whether reclining in your private pool or listening to the calming sounds of the jungle and the ocean lapping against golden shores. As the flames flicker over your candlelit dinner you’ll experience a unique connection to Cambodia, Angkor Wat, and to each other.

California Post Ranch Inn, Big Sur

There are so many reasons to honeymoon in California, from the glamorous boulevards of Los Angeles, the laidback farmers markets of Santa Monica to the rolling neighbourhoods of San Francisco. You and your partner can embark on a dramatic road trip along Pacific Highway One, try wine-tasting in Napa Valley, or giant redwood trees in Sequoia National Park. California has many adventures whether in the great outdoors or in dazzling cities bathed in sunshine.

On some of the greatest of trips there are also destination hotels that will always define your dream holiday, located in enviable positions of seeming impossibility. No matter how spectacular the surrounding region, you will always remember the hotel where you spent a heavenly few nights of your honeymoon. The Post Ranch Inn is the type of resort to encapsulate the entire experience of visiting California. It ticks every travel wish-list, world-class cuisine, effortless hospitality and stunning location - and then, like the very best hotels, surpasses all expectations.

Surely one of the most romantic and dramatic places to stay in the USA, arrive by helicopter, stay in an uber-luxury treehouse, soak in the infinity pool overlooking the Pacific Ocean and dine at the award-winning Sierra Mar restaurant. This adults-only hotel is one of those unique places that you wished that you could call your own.

India offers culture, history and breath-taking vistas in dizzying amounts. It’s a throng of sights, sounds and scents like no other country on Earth. Yet it is also a country where romance is omnipresent, a feature of world-famous monuments created in honour of love. From the moving story of the Taj Mahal to Humayun's Tomb, constructed tirelessly in loving memory. Built for love, these architectural wonders also bestow feelings of love upon all that see them.

Rajasthan’s majestic vistas are also matched by exceptional service of its hotels, its breathless climate and those impressive forts full adorned with beautiful artwork. To discover Jaipur, Jodhpur and Udaipur is to travel through a classically romantic region of enduring fascination. Choose this vibrant honeymoon and your journey will become forever entwined in a country that never ceases to surprise, inspire and take your breath away. 

I hope you’ve been inspired to make your honeymoon as lavish an experience as possible – but ultimately, it’s down to you to choose your wish-list lover’s getaway. Go to our Luxury Honeymoons holidays page if you need more stunning inspiration. Good luck for your new life together, from everyone at Hayes & Jarvis.