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Get ginspired for your next holiday

Sarah Locke June 8, 2018

To celebrate World Gin Day, on Saturday 9th June 2018, we’ve created a list of the must-visit hotels and destinations around the world for gin fanatics.

Recently crowned the nation’s favourite spirit by a YouGov poll, Britain’s love of gin doesn’t look set to subside any time soon with a staggering 47m bottles of spirit bought last year according to the Wine and Spirit Trade Association (WSTA). Although a quintessentially British drink, a gin renaissance is currently taking the world by storm. More and more countries are opening craft gin distilleries that are creating unique, destination inspired gin using local botanicals; a great excuse for gin fanatics to travel far and wide in the search of new and exotic gins.

The Maldives first and only exclusive gin bar to open 1st June

Travellers seeking the ultimate backdrop for their much loved G&T need to visit OZEN by Atmosphere at Maadhoo, in the Maldives. From the 1st June 2018, OZEN is opening the Maldives’ first ever exclusive gin bar, called ‘GIN IS IN’.


Offering gin, gin and more gin, GIN IS IN will present an international collection of premium gins, featuring diversely rich herbal, organic and exotic flavors. Situated amidst the exotic turquoise hues of South Male Atoll, we challenge travellers to find a gin bar in a more enchanting and tranquil setting.

What’s more, the good people at OZEN have created a signature gin drink called Sea Dew for Hayes & Jarvis. Have a look and recreate this at home and get ginspired for your next holiday.

Save water, drink gin in Cape Town

As the gin craze continues to spread across the world, Cape Town in South Africa is fast becoming one of the latest and greatest gin distilling destinations.  The perfect place to start or finish any South African adventure, gin lovers should travel to Cape Town to experience and taste the rise of craft gin in this bustling city.

Using a number of its indigenous plants, South African gin has a distinct flavour that gives its gin a unique twist unlike any other blend. One of Cape Town’s finest gins is KWV’s Cruxland Gin that boasts a uniquely African flavour using eight different botanicals, including South African rooibos and honeybush. Similarly, Musgrave Gin contains 11 signature botanicals that gives it a strong aromatic taste that reflects the spice route of Africa.

The rise of American gin

Home of the speakeasies, New York found its love of gin during the Prohibition-era in the 1920s. The city that never sleeps is now home to some of the best gin bars in the world, including the speakeasy inspired Bathtub Gin, found in New York’s vibrant Chelsea neighbourhood, as well as the gin-obsessed tapas bar, CATA.

After exploring New York’s gin culture, Hayes & Jarvis destination experts recommend travelling to New Orleans to discover the birthplace of the Ramos gin fizz. Created by Henry C. Ramos back in 1888, the Ramos gin fizz is infamous across New Orleans and is without a doubt the city’s signature drink. 2018 is a fantastic time to visit the electric city as it celebrates its 300th anniversary. Visit New Orleans in this momentous year and enjoy the rapturous live jazz music that fill the streets with a Ramos gin fizz in hand.

Top gin tip:

Before heading back to the UK, stock up on New York’s Bootlegger 21 NY Gin, and New Orleans’s Euphrosine Gin #9, to bring a bit of your travels home with you.

A gin storm in a Japanese teacup

A relatively new market in Japan, artisanal gin is rapidly growing in popularity across the Far East. As well as keeping the traditional gin botanicals, such as cinnamon and coriander, Japanese distillers are infusing the spirit with tastes and flavours unique to Japan. Local citrus fruits such as yuzu, sansho pepper, sakura and cherry blossoms are being used to help define their local botanical with a much loved oriental taste.

The first Japanese artisanal gin, Ki No Bi, was blended by The Kyoto Distillery just two years ago in 2016 and has received great acclaim both domestically and internationally. The spiritual home of Japanese culture, Kyoto is one of Hayes & Jarvis much loved regions, featuring over 2,000 temples with a wealth of UNESCO World Heritage Sites to explore. Fusing the traditions of the UK and Kyoto, Ki No Bi blends the UK’s dry juniper berries with an iconic essence of Japan.

Another favoured Japanese craft gin, Roku Gin, takes drinkers through Japan’s four seasons using six distinct Japanese botanicals including, sakura flower for spring, gyokuro tea for summer, sansho pepper for autumn and yuzu peel for winter.

Looking for more Ginspiration?

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