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Welcome to Footprints the blog, packed full of exciting tales from our latest adventures, from magical tours to neon-lit city breaks, breath-taking wildlife encounters and paradise island escapes. It’s all here, plus news, recipes, competitions and insider tips from travel-obsessed experts, all driven by a single goal: to transport you to the most spectacular locations in the world.

6 reasons why you must visit Oregon

a body of water

Oregon may have slipped under your travel radar so far, but it's one of the most unique, most spectacular states in the USA with so many fascinating cultural and scenic opportunities to explore.

Authentic fast foods from around the globe

Local cuisine

Local cuisine


Check out these tasty morsels to satisfy your hunger pangs when you're touring abroad to exciting new countries. From pani puri to pastries, see what you could sample on your next exciting holiday.

Exploring Japan - Land of the Rising Sun

Itsukushima Shrine

Itsukushima Shrine

With a unique approach to modernity, nature and tradition, Japan will inspire you. No wonder this breath-taking country holds a special place in the world of travel.

Three reasons to love Qatar

a man standing on a beach

From sparkling skyscrapers, to souks for snoopers and desert escapades where dune-bashing jeeps pause by the shores of inland seas, plus symmetrical mosques that astound with their artistry - visit Qatar