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8 Travel must-dos before you die

Louise Bell September 8, 2014

We all have a bucket-list of “must see” destinations, or things we want to achieve in life. But what about travel “must-dos”?  Now is the time to put pen to paper and sketch out the key things you want to see and do around the world. Enjoy reading and get ready to plan your next adventure…


Be spat on by an alpaca

Need we say more? No trip to the scenic South America is complete without a wild alpaca launching spit at your face. It’s not pleasant, but also not too easily avoided when coming face to face with the woolly fiends. 

Stay in a luxury water villa in the Maldives

A place in the sun
Dip your toes into the crystal clear waters straight from your over-water villa in the Indian Ocean. With uninterrupted views across the sea, you can enjoy a secluded paradise with private sun deck and Jacuzzi. You will never want to leave.

Barter in the souks in Egypt

Brush up on your bartering technique and head to the bustling souks in Cairo for sweet spices and aromas. With a range of quirky souvenirs on offer, make sure you visit the infamous bazaars to peruse row upon row of lamps, jewellery and rugs before enjoying refreshing mint tea as your reward. 

Wear feathers in Rio

Feathers, sparkle and hip shaking all collaborate at one of the world’s largest festivals; Rio Carnival. Join in the five wild days of partying that continues throughout the day and night, and with an infectious atmosphere you have to be part of – even if you are the proud owner of two left feet. 

Climb to Bhutan Tiger Nest Monastery

The Tiger Nest, despite the name, doesn’t involve an encounter with the endangered animal. Instead, it entails a challenging climb up a remote cliffside of the Puro Valley in Bhutan to reach a precariously balanced Buddhist monastery. Reaching the picturesque retreat is not for the faint hearted, for a 900-metre steep climb is needed to reach the top – ponies are available to take you half way! 

Spot a lion in the wild

Wait for the perfect moment
Join a 4x4 safari down the dusty paths testing your patience as you wait hours on end for the sighting of a lion in the wild. Watch as cubs play and lions guard their land, enjoying nature at its very best. 

Float over the Temples of Bagan

Gently float over the mystical Temples of Bagan in a hot air balloon for a peaceful experience in Burma. Best enjoyed at sunrise, watch the hundreds of temples become bathed in a warm orange glow as the land begins to stir awake. 

Witness the Burj Khalifa in Dubai

Standing at the top of the tallest building in the world is one of the most incredible experiences ever - so long as you’re not afraid of heights. Measuring in at an impressive 830metres in height, you can enjoy breath-taking views through the floor to ceiling windows that look out for miles across the glistening cityscape of Dubai and the desert beyond.

Walk the Great Wall of China

Bring your hiking boots
Pack a good pair of walking shoes and take to the Great Wall of China and immerse yourself in culture and history. Measuring an impressive 13,170 miles, you don’t have to walk the whole stretch, but simply choose a small section and enjoy the breathtaking undulating landscape that awaits.
If any of the above ten things have inspired you, perhaps try to combine a few of the destinations into a multi centre holiday that you will never forget.