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6 places to propose to him this Leap Year

Matt Domm February 9, 2016

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, thoughts turn to love. If you’re not particularly looking forward to half a dozen roses from the nearest petrol station, you might want to take romance into your own hands in your relationship. This year is a Leap Year, which means the proposal tables have turned.

We’re not suggesting tricking him by playing on what he’s passionate about as a man — but you want the odds in your favour, don’t you? If you’ve decided to ask your man to marry you on February 29th, we can’t think of anywhere better than the suggestions below.

Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi

Every man wants a Ferrari. Not many get their wish, but they can have the next best thing: a trip to Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi. It might sound like your worst nightmare — rapid rides and a museum of cars — but it’s certainly one way to a man’s heart.

Advice: Pop the question just before you accelerate (to 149 mph in five seconds) on the Formula Rossa rollercoaster. His breath will literally be taken away and he physically will not be able to say no!

Sports Stadium

A man could live forever in happiness sitting in a stadium watching sport. Seeing his favourite team lose will undoubtedly make him angry, but you both know he’ll be back for more the next week. You’ll be pleased to know that Americans are also into their sport in a big way — over there you have American football, baseball, basketball and ice hockey to choose from. Take in the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field or Citizens Bank Park, home of the Philadelphia Phillies. He’ll be happy because he’s watching as a neutral and if you time the question just before the Mexican Wave comes you way he’ll say yes with both arms in the air.

Advice: Why else would gigantic sport stadiums have big screens and professional Casio keyboard players if not for showy proposals?

Las Vegas

Winning at the casino can’t be that hard, can it? Men like to pretend they’re James Bond on a night out at the roulette table, and Las Vegas has some of the best casinos in the world. What better way to propose than when you’re both looking classy and surrounded by the glamour of Vegas?

Advice: Wait for him to hit a winner, then ask the question while he’s feeling on top of the world.

On the beach in Mauritius

Or, you could try it the classic way in a romantic location, surrounded by white sands, majestic palm trees and the baking Indian Ocean sun. Propose at a luxury resort, such as Maritim Resort & Spa, and then take to the swim-up bar afterwards for a celebratory drink or two.

Advice: Book a candlelit dinner right on the beach, get down on one knee and ask him just like he was supposed to have done already.

Son Doong Cave, Vietnam

Every chap worth his salt has a ‘man cave’. This is a mysterious place where men pretend to fix things, watch football or hang out with friends. Time to play him at his own game — Son Doong Cave in Vietnam is the largest cave in the world and he’ll be impressed for sure. So much so that he’ll agree to marry you in an instant.

Advice: At 9km long, it’s easy to find a secluded location here to pop the question. Of course you might want it to be more public, in which case, say it loud enough for the echo to be heard all around. Be certain, though, as if you get the wrong answer it will follow you all the way to the exit.

Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park

If all else fails, go back to his basic boy instincts: blowing things up. The finest example of this in nature is the volcano, and Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park has two active volcanoes to gaze at in awe. Maunaloa — the world’s largest mountain by mass — erupted most recently in 1984, while Kilauea has been erupting since 1983. Hot enough to melt the hardest heart.

Advice: Head to Halemaumau Crater, which overlooks Kilauea, for a sense of adventure and romance that he simply cannot overlook.

If you choose one of the suggested locations, we’re confident you’ll have a successful February 29th. When he does say yes, be sure to come to us for your honeymoon.