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5 reasons to book your holiday in January

Clive Wedderburn December 29, 2017

Your next adventure has been on your mind for some time now. You’ve been mulling it over, wish-visualising yourself unwinding on a sandy cove, discovering exotic cultures or wandering among spectacular landmarks. Now, as the winter weather closes in, hunker down and use January as the month to bring about change. Here are 5 reasons why it’s best to book your holidays now.

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1)       Booking now means greater choice

Airlines are primed to tempt you out of hibernation with attractive deals; some will have their best offers running until the end of January.

It’s not just airlines that offer their best rates, hotels will put out their best offers too. More availability on room types means a greater degree of choice, particularly when travelling with families or planning for a special occasion.  

What’s more, booking now will allow you to spread the cost of your payment over a period of months and take advantage of early booking benefits including lower priced deposits, which is better than taking a hit on a last-minute pay-now deal.

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2)       Start your New Year proactively

Booking in January will give your New Year a whole new meaning. It will kick start 2018 with your personal signal of intent, galvanising your efforts to make this year truly memorable. What better way to encourage personal productivity than knowing you have an amazing holiday to look forward to.

When you start the New Year proactively, booking your holidays now will give you a sense of achievement to inspire you to greater efforts. For all the gym hours you’ll put in, for all the diets you will embark upon, and for all the career yards you’ll surpass, your holiday will be the personal achievement award you so richly deserve.

3)       Bring a ray of sunshine into your life

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The effects of seasonal adjustment disorder can be alleviated by just knowing you’re off somewhere sunnier. Everyone can feel morose during the depths of winter when the days are dark. Booking your holiday when January’s skies are at their greyest will bring a much needed ray of sunshine into your life.  What’s more, taking a break is better for your wellbeing, focusing the mind on something beyond the immediate gloom, and highlighting a brighter future ahead and signalling that good times are just around the corner!

4)       Get ringside seats to the world’s greatest events

Simple rule: if you want ringside seats at the world’s greatest events, you will need to book in advance. If you book last-minute you’ll leave more to chance. For example, you wouldn’t want to be second best for hotels if you’re planning to watch the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Mardi Gras

Similarly, if you’ve always wanted to join in the party in New Orleans during the Mardi Gras, you’d wouldn’t want to be staying too far from the action. So if it’s always been your desire to witness the Great Annual Migration, booking early will ensure you get the best safari options possible. In short, if you want to experience the exceptional, plan your escape perfectly.

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5)       Less risk rather than Russian roulette 

If you’re flexible and you don’t have to plan around school holidays or busy work schedules, then booking a last-minute break might represent good value. If, on the other hand, your lifestyle and career demands a more structured approach, then booking ahead is a safer option. If you’re planning a family break then it could be trickier to get exactly what everyone wants from a holiday if you don’t leave time to consider all eventualities. The more time you have to research your destination and plan your itinerary, the better for all concerned.

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