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Las Vegas Hotels and Flights

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It's show time!

Welcome to Las Vegas: an escapist’s fantasy and the home of show-stopping glamour. From zip lining through the famous shopping malls to breathtaking live shows and Michelin star restaurants, there’s no place quite like it.

There’s so much to see and do in Las Vegas and our favourites include the free Bellagio Fountains show; synchronised to music and the gondola rides along the Venetian’s Grand Canal. A trip to the Strip wouldn’t be complete without a helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon, sure to leave you speechless with its stunning views. We’d also recommend paying a visit to the Mob Museum in downtown Vegas to learn more about the city’s history.

Combine your visit to Las Vegas with a trip to New York, Hawaii or California to extend your USA travels. Hit the open road and explore National Parks, all within easy reach of Las Vegas, or soak up the Hollywood glitz in LA for the ultimate US adventure. 

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Rainy Season

Thanks to over 300 sunny days a year, low humidity, and air-conditioned buildings Las Vegas is a great place to visit any time. Our favourite time, though, is April through May and October through November, when the days are sunny and pleasant and the crowds thinner. 

Las Vegas’ blistering temperatures in summer are actually easy to cope with thanks to the low level of humidity. Most people don’t go outside except when walking along the Strip or sitting by the pool and all indoor venues are air-conditioned. 

It isn’t usually too cold in Las Vegas in the winter, although there are a few days in December and January where it might dip below freezing. The days are clear with occasional wind storms but nights do get chilly. 

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What to pack

Typically, Las Vegas has an arid climate with more than three hundred days of sunshine per year, with no more than five inches of rain annually and very little humidity. But it does tend to get cold in the winter months.
With this in mind, we have put together a shortlist of items to pack for your unforgettable holiday in Las Vegas:
  • T-shirt, shorts or summer dresses are a common sight in most casinos during the hot summer months;
  • Swimming suit, you will need this to cool off in some of Vegas’ swankiest pools;
  • Evening outfits for the five-star dining and night-time entertainment venues, each will have a dress code;
  • Sandals in the summer if you aren’t planning on walking too far;
  • Mosquito repellent;
  • Sun cream because nobody likes looking like a lobster on their holiday;
  • Sunglasses, for soaking up those three hundred plus days of sunshine;
  • A light raincoat just in case there is the odd thunderstorm, caused by the humidity.
  • Umbrella in case of the odd shower;
  • Jeans and jumpers to keep you covered up;
  • Heavy water-repellent and warm jacket to account for the dip in temperature and snow;
  • Gloves, woolly hat, thick socks and scarf to keep your extremities warm.
Spring and Autumn
  • Umbrella to cater for the occasional downpour;
  • Light and water-repellent jacket - depending on the forecast, it also tends to be cooler in the evenings.


  • Converter and adapter (the power supply in the USA is 120 volts at 60 hertz) to charge your camera, mobile phone and any other devices you may require.
  • Camera and memory cards, or an external drive, for all those breathtaking photographs you will be taking.
  • Comfortable walking shoes and a small bag/rucksack for the days spent exploring the Strip to Downtown; this is where you can store your money, a bottle of water and your camera. 
  • Plasters and ibuprofen for if the walking gets a little too much.
  • Golf equipment, if you are a golfing fanatic then you will want to try some of Vegas’ well-known courses.
  • A decent map; Las Vegas is a pedestrian city and you will see much more of it by exploring on two feet.
  • Travel Guide whether that is the official tourist board or a book to help you get around the city and all its sights.
  • Extra space in your luggage or an extra duffle bag to take home your holiday shopping, you will be surprised how many items you can accrue in a matter of days.
  • And your passport for obvious reasons!

Las Vegas Specialities

A foodie’s delight, Las Vegas will spoil you for choice when it comes to eating out. With opulent Strip hotels and restaurants offering Michelin-star dining and some of the best hospitality in the world, Las Vegas offers a number of international dishes that will whet your appetite.

With so many outstanding and down-right delicious dining options, here are our foodie recommendations for your Las Vegas holiday:
A thick griddled corn cake, originally from Colombia and Venezuela, at Viva Las Arepas you will see why this tasty number is rising through the ranks of most popular, cheap-eat foods in Vegas. The Reina Pepiada would be our pick with a filling of chicken salad and avocado.  Wash your arepas down with agua de panela, a Venezuelan cane sugar and lime juice concoction.
Gazpacho at Julian Serrano (inside Aria Resort and Casino)
Undoubtedly one of the best gazpachos in the USA, Julian Serrano’s Spanish-inspired recipe is far from the liquid-y salsa mess you may find on the Strip. This tomato-based soup made with the freshest of raw vegetables will only leave you wanting more.
Turkey Club Sandwich at MOzen Bistro (inside Mandarin Oriental Hotel)
This may be a strong statement but you would be hard-pushed to find a Turkey Club Sandwich as good as the offering at MOzen Bistro in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Staying true to the original recipe, you will find turkey, bacon, lettuce, two kinds of cheese and tomato all toasted on the finest of sourdough, with a smattering of pesto or avocado. 
Forget household names like Wagamama, when it comes to Tonkotsu Ramen there is only one place to go - Monta Japanese Noodle House. With a broth so rich and luscious and chewy noodles to match, you will be in Far Eastern foodie heaven. Don’t pass up the Nitamago (seasoned hard-boiled egg) either, you will only regret it.
A timeless Strip hotspot, the Peppermill is one of Vegas’ favourite coffee shops. An iconic, old-school neon time capsule of glitz, you must try the (mountain of) Fresh Fruit and you will soon see why when heads turn as it is brought to your U-shaped dining area. We recommend sharing between three or four as a breakfast with a cup of undoubtedly, the most flavoursome coffee in Las Vegas.
Pancakes at Du-par’s (inside Golden Gate Hotel and Casino)
Although a chain restaurant, Du-par’s golden discs of joy possibly the best in Las Vegas. Each pancake is fluffy, tall and the diameter of a regular dinner plate! Doused in melted butter, every mouthful is unforgettable.
Everything In Sight at Wicked Spoon Buffet (inside The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas)
You may be asking yourself why there is a buffet in our recommendations but the one at Wicked Spoon is simply superb. You will want to be stuffing your face alongside the local clientele in this upmarket eatery. Individual dishes are served to you for presentation’s sake, so unlike your usual buffet, including the fried chicken in their own hand-made baskets. Just save room for some of their immaculate desserts.

Street Food

While restaurant dining is by far the most popular in Las Vegas, there is certainly a rise in street food, especially on Fremont Street. Be careful to only order street food from vendors whose food is clean and fresh, as well as cooked right in front of you.
These are our top recommends for street food dining on Fremont Street:
  • Piccadilly Pizza serves large, slow-cooked slices of Margherita pizza great for when you are on the go during the day.
  • The Gelato and Illy Espresso stand in front of the Four Queens is great for a conventional sweet treat and a caffeine boost.
  • Vegas Vic serves your classic and rather juicy hot dogs, each one as cheap as chips.
  • Mermaids serve sinful chocolate-covered frozen bananas and deep-fried Twinkies – hot fat and cream never tasted so good.
  • Las Vegas Jerkys serve the ultimate clam jerky dish, perfect for when you stumble out of a casino in the early hours.

Average Prices

Prices in Las Vegas vary widely. A takeaway meal may cost six to 10 US Dollars, while in quieter areas you will probably only pay three to five US Dollars. A sandwich costs about five to seven US Dollars, but can go up or down depending on where you get it. A one-litre bottle of water costs about 75 cents in the quieter areas, while it may cost one to two US Dollars in the main tourist blocks. A bottle of wine from a supermarket can cost as little as three US Dollars or go up to 15 US Dollars for a low-end bottle in a restaurant.

National Dress

Since the people of Las Vegas are from such a rich and varied background, as well as swathes of tourists, there is no official national dress. Similar to the UK, people in Las Vegas typically wear shorts and t-shirts in the heat and evening wear for nights spent in the many neon-lit bars and restaurants. 

Customs & Traditions

With such a rich mosaic of people and backgrounds, the customs and traditions of Las Vegas vary greatly. In general, the people are very patriotic and nationalistic. This pride is evident in their many rituals like the Pledge of Allegiance to the American flag and their fireworks celebration of Independence Day at the 4th of July Parade. Like every city, Las Vegas has its own set of social customs and traditions. However, most of these are ruled by politeness and consideration for others.
Customs in the USA include: 
•    Religion plays a very important role in the lives of many Americans and this should be respected.
•    Americans drive on the right-hand side of the road.
•    Tipping 15 to 20 percent is considered almost obligatory and you will seriously offend your server if you tip less.
•    Americans generally dislike formality or social deference due to age or position. When being introduced to someone new, follow the cue of the person performing the introduction.
•    Shaking hands and saying ‘pleased to meet you’ is customary when first meeting someone.
•    If you are invited to dinner, take along a small gift, such as flowers, chocolates or a bottle of wine for your host. 
•    Do not be late. Americans are generally punctual and expect their guests to be also.
•    You may notice that most Americans do not eat holding both their knife and fork. They usually eat everything with their fork in their right hand, only picking up the knife to cut their food into pieces before putting it down again


The wildlife in Las Vegas exists largely in Wildlife Refuges and Ranges, apart from your usual desert wildlife. In a city and surrounding area as large as Las Vegas, these are our top picks for seeing some of the best wildlife Las Vegas has to offer: 

Las Vegas National Wildlife Refuge

With the Great Plains to the east, the Chihuahuan Desert to the south and the Rocky Mountains to the west, the Las Vegas National Wildlife Refuge has a range of diverse habitats. Animals looked after here include geese, cranes, ducks and various other wildlife, each are rested, fed and have their own wintering area. 

Desert National Wildlife Range

The largest National Wildlife Refuge outside of Alaska, the Desert National Wildlife Refuge is overwhelming at 1.6 million acres of Mojave Desert. Its main purpose is the conservation of desert bighorn sheep and its unique flora and fauna. Over 500 species of plant can be found here varying from saltbrush on the valley floors to ponderosa pine, white fir and bristlecone pine in the higher areas. This habitat is perfect for the indigenous birds, mammals and reptiles.