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Land of the rising sun

Known as the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan is home to intoxicating landscapes, stunning history and vibrant city life; the ultimate country of contrasts.

Offering a unique melting pot of culture, Japan boasts a range of sights and activities for any intrepid traveller: from wandering around Kyoto’s Gion District to see Geisha and taking in the panoramic views from Tokyo Tower’s viewing platform, to arranging an excursion to Mount Fuji and Hakone.  We recommend travelling around the country on the futuristic high speed bullet trains; connecting you with Japan’s cities quicker and allowing you to pack more into your trip.

Why not combine two fascinating countries in one adventure? Visit Japan and China together to spend two weeks exploring their amazing history and culture.


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Excursions in and around Japan

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Tips are not expected in Japan, although a 10 to 15 percent service charge is added to the bill in some high-end bars, restaurants, and hotels. If you want to give something to say thank you, make it a gift rather than a tip - a cash gift should be put in an envelope.


We recommend all travellers shoud be up to date with routine vaccinations. For full details, please contact your GP.


The official currency is the Japanese Yen which can be bought in the UK and there are no restrictions on the amount you take in or out of Japan. If you need to buy cash when you get there, you can do so at most banks and major post offices, as well as some travel agents, large hotels and department stores. Discount ticket shops (known as kakuyasu kippu uriba) often have the best rates and can usually be found close to major train stations.

How to get your currency

Thanks to the low crime rate, most Japanese people carry cash. Cash machines are everywhere, but not all accept foreign cards. Those that do include Japan Post Bank machines found at post offices, cash machines at Seven Eleven stores, and international banks in major cities. Credit cards have only recently taken off in Japan, and although widely accepted in towns and cities, you may have problems using your UK card. The best thing to do is carry a mix of cash, cards and/or traveller's cheques, which can be exchanged at most major banks and large hotels.