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Upscale island with pristine beaches

We are deeply saddened by the recent tragedy caused by Hurricane Irma. Find more information in the Hayes & Jarvis press release here.

Be charmed by Aruba’s colonial-architecture, stunning rocky landscapes and palm-adorned beaches; somewhere on this dreamy island, there’s a sun lounger with your name on it. Located beneath the hurricane belt, and promising year-round sunshine, Aruba has two sides: choppy and smooth, making the island ideal for both sun worshippers and windsurfers alike. No matter which coast you visit, the beaches are truly beautiful with pristine white sands and scenic vistas for miles.

There’s more to Aruba than its paradise beaches and warm, turquoise waters; we recommend heading to Oranjestad for boutique shopping, bars, restaurants and nightlight for a totally different Caribbean vibe. This all-in-one island offers a mix of adventure and island bliss, making it perfect for any intrepid traveller. With a range of hotels, from boutique Casitas to all-inclusive wellness resorts, you’re sure to find your version of paradise in Aruba.

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Top Tips from our Destination Experts

Charlie Adams

Destination Manager
There's no reason to stay all inclusive in Aruba, get out and eat in the restaurants. The food variety is as diverse as the island itself, reasonably priced and great tasting. 

Victoria Hargreaves

Destination Executive
There are a selection of American cities that most Caribbean islands connect to, Aruba has some additional direct flights that others do not. In less than five hours you can be in Philadelphia, Houston or Washington DC.

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Upscale island with pristine beaches
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Excursions in and around Aruba

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Flight Information

There are three main carriers offering flights to Aruba from the UK.

Direct Carriers: There is a seasonal direct service operated by Thomson Airways from both London Gatwick and Manchester . This flight operates  May - October

Indirect Carriers: KLM and United Airlines offer indirect flights to Aruba. KLM flights operate via Amsterdam and United Airlines operate via the USA


Some, not all, restaurants and bars will include a 10 to 15 percent service charge that is shared between all staff. An additional tip isn’t obligatory, but since not all of the service charge goes to your server, it is generally expected that you leave a little extra cash, say 10 percent. If no charge is included you should leave about 15 percent for the tip. Tip 10 to 15 percent of the fare for taxi drivers, two US Dollars per bag for porters, two US Dollars per day for housekeepers, and about 15 percent for spa treatments.


No vaccinations are required for travel to Aruba. All travellers should be up to date with routine immunisations. It is important to contact your GP to check for the latest recommendations. 

Local Languages

[Dutch, English is widely spoken]

Visa Information

British Passport holders do not need a visa for stays less than three months in Aruba.


You can exchange your UK Pounds prior to leaving the UK. The official currency in Aruba is the Florin, but the US Dollar and the Canadian Dollar are widely accepted, so you can choose whichever has the best exchange rate. When you pay in US or Canadian Dollars, you will usually receive Aruban Florins in change unless you specify you want US Dollars. Banks on the island exchange the UK Pound for Florins.

How to get your currency

Most people on holiday in Aruba use US Dollars. There are plenty of cash machines at the airport, hotels, and throughout tourist areas. Most cash machines dispense both Florins and US Dollars. Traveller's cheques are still widely accepted in Aruba and there is no charge for using them in hotels, restaurants, and most stores, but be sure to keep a record of the serial numbers. Major credit cards are accepted almost everywhere, but you will need cash for small purchases in cafes, smaller shops, and taxis.

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