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Life is a beach

We are deeply saddened by the recent tragedy caused by Hurricane Irma. Find further information in the Hayes & Jarvis press release here.


Life really is a beach in Antigua. White sands and cerulean waters make this beautiful destination what it is; but this Caribbean isle has much more to offer besides sunbathing spots. Darkwood beach offers sublime snorkelling and a cool beach bar to quench your thirst, while we also recommend taking a Catamaran trip with fresh lobster lunch for a breath of sea air.

If you’re visiting Antigua for your honeymoon, why not take a romantic day trip to barefoot Barbuda with its pink sands and breathtaking sunsets? Or perhaps, visit during Sailing Week when the shores are lined with luxury sail boats and super yachts, perfect for a spot of window shopping.

Swathes of Antigua’s landscape is covered in lush rainforest, with a rich naval history and St John’s, the island’s capital, is lined with pastel-coloured buildings that present the ideal backdrop. It’s a slice of paradise that promises to captivate you.


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Victoria Hargreaves

Destination Executive
Take a romantic trip to Barbuda and spend a day on the fabulous pink sands beaches with a Champagne picnic.

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Flight Information

There are two main carriers offering flights to Antigua from the UK with a third going via the States.

Direct Carriers: Direct carriers from the UK are British Airways and Virgin Atlantic from London Gatwick

Indirect Carriers: American Airlines operate indirect flights to Antigua via the USA


You should expect to tip about 10 to 15 percent while on holiday in Antigua and Barbuda. Make sure to check your bill as many bars and restaurants automatically include a 10 percent gratuity. If you're very happy with the service, add an extra five to 10 percent. For porters and bellhops one US Dollar per bag, and cleaners a few US Dollars per night.


No vaccinations are required for travel to Antigua and Barbuda. All travellers should be up to date with routine immunisations. is it important to contact your GP to check the latest recommendations.  

Local Languages


Visa Information

British Passport holders do not need a visa to travel to Antigua and Barbuda.


There are no restrictions on the Eastern Caribbean Dollar and it is fixed to the US Dollar. While US Dollars are widely accepted, you will save money if you use Eastern Caribbean Dollars.

How to get your currency

We suggest changing your UK Pounds to Eastern Caribbean Dollars before you go on holiday to Antigua. You can do this in advance at the Post Office, where you will get a better exchange rate. Make sure to keep your receipt so you can sell any leftover notes back. Alternatively, withdraw cash from cash machines after you arrive in Antigua. You can also exchange money in Antigua at cash exchange offices, hotels, or banks (which give the best rate). Major credit cards are widely accepted throughout Antigua, but small vendors usually only accept cash.

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