The Four Pillars
To Get The Most Out Of Your Holiday

If feeling relaxed on holiday seems like the impossible, read our expert guide "The Four Pillars of Holiday Relaxation" to get the most out of your trip and say goodbye to those workplace worries.

There is nothing more relaxing than spending time away in another environment, free from your usual routine. This combination is the perfect remedy for reducing your everyday stress and helping you relax, unwind and de-stress.

However, more and more Brits are taking their day-to-day stress on the plane with them; resulting in a holiday that is far from relaxing. So, to help combat this, the team here at Hayes & Jarvis have put together “The Four Pillars of Holiday Relaxation” to help you get the most out of your holiday. Our guide looks at the four pillars of wellbeing; physical, mental, communication and nutritional and provides advice and tips on how the four pillars can help you to fully relax and enjoy your holiday.

Life and Motivation Coach, Maria Hocking, offers her expert advice on how to feel relaxed. "Swimming is a fantastic way to de-stress, whether it be on holiday or on the way home from work. It helps to clear the mind, as focus is needed to coordinate the strokes and the breath, leaving little space for thoughts of work or deadlines." she explains.

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Almost 1/3 of British people
can't switch off on holiday if there are
problems at work

Holidaymakers struggle to leave their work stresses behind

To ultimately find out how much stress the UK population take on holiday with them, Hayes & Jarvis commissioned a survey. Unsurprisingly, over 60% of British people admit to being stressed on holiday from work, and a further half of this percent admit to dreading going back to work when they return home. Our PDF guide includes useful tips on how communicate with your clients, employees and colleagues before going on holiday, to help leave the stress and strain of commitments at work.

On average it takes British
people up to 2 full days

to relax on holiday

Mindfulness activities on holiday are the answer to workplace worries

To help fully relax, many experts advise practicing mindfulness while on holiday, as it has been found to help reduce stress. Just under half of British people have considered taking part in relaxation activities such as yoga, meditation and mindfulness while on holiday, to help with the de-stressing process. This could help the British population relax, as the study has revealed that is takes, on average, two full days to relax on holiday. That is just under 30% of an average seven-day holiday spent stressed and worried about work and home matters.

Only 16% of women
and 21% of men

totally switch off and don't
check any emails or social
media whilst on holiday
Download your FREE GUIDE TO RELAXING ON HOLIDAY now for tips straight from the experts
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